Have fun with blenders node editor – coloring a BMW X6

Hi guys and girls,

if you’d ask me about the BMW X6, I’d say that this is by far the most bully and stylish car in the last time. And even when I’ll never be able to buy it, I’d love to see him changing the color,  and all this, powered by blenders node editor – So: Gentlemen, start your engines: We’re going to color our new X6!

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to apply a channel-key-node correctly and how to handle blenders node editor the right way – all that in a way that doesn’t let your car dealer wine when you’re returning your fully painted car 🙂

Please note, that this video tutorial is in german..but you can follow it very easily by following the action on the screen (at least I hope so)…

The blender file for the colored X6
Btw.: The image used in this tutorial is from http://carWalls.com / The idea for it arose by reading Roger D. Wickes great book Foundation Blender compositing.

Please comment and write, what you want to see next!

Have a good time!

Thomas Beck

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